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  • In version 1.3.1, LC removed the ability of the Testimonials to have their own independent pages and now give a 404 error.

    When I brought this up to their support, they told me that I was using the wrong module (telling me I’m using post vs testimonial), which is confusing as I’m entering the testimonials into the testimonials module in the backend, not as a post.

    After going back and forth and sending screenshots, come to find out WITHIN the LC design screen they want you to be using a new “testimonial” module, and they removed the coding that gave testimonials their own independent pages.

    So, any long testimonials you have, if you do let’s say a 30 character excerpt, no one will ever be able to see anything beyond the 30 characters. If you don’t truncate, then you might have a testimonial that’s let’s say 30 characters, and another one that is 200 characters, which then has to shift the screen, and moves everything for the person viewing your site (which is annoying as all get-out).

    I have now been going back and forth with them for almost 2 months (since July 25th) on this, and the essential response I get from the support team is that I am not doing it right (or) something is broken with my server/host, and they won’t even look at what they removed from the coding that is causing this issue… because supposedly no one else is having this issue, or no one else has told them that they are having this issue. (rolls eyes) We didn’t even notice that we had this issue for a month or so after upgrading that site to 1.3.1 or possibly we were already even on 1.3.2? We didn’t know until we had a client tell us, and I would imagine many small businesses, like ours, won’t know until one of their clients/customers tells them (that is if they are keeping up with updating their plugins, etc — which many small businesses don’t) – and most local small businesses won’t have the time to figure it out. Lastly, if you have been using testimonials for awhile, and Google has been indexing them… you will have an increase of 404 errors with Google (as they will look for the page as it was previously indexed), and that can probably hurt your ranking with Google (which is not good for a small, local business) – especially if you have entered in a LOT of testimonials.

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    Hi there,

    Thank you for taking time to write the review.

    The “Testimonial module” don’t have “read more” buttons or links to an inner page which actually doesn’t exist since this CPT doesn’t use templates for this purpose. Like the support mentioned, you are using the “Posts module” (see the screenshot) and not the testimonials dedicated module.

    For any other comments that are not related to a plugin review but support, please wait for the support reply.

    Have a great day!

    Version 1.3.0 and previous DID have direct links to the Testimonials. We HAVE been using that for like 2 or 3 years now.

    This is a direct link:

    Which that goes away/stops working after upgrading to 1.3.1+

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