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  • This thread is just here to shine some light on the PageMash plugin by Joel Starnes. It works excellent if you need a fast and easy way to re-arrange your wp_list_pages() or hide pages from your menu bar.

    Love it! A+

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  • Great plugin. I had about 60 pages to setup. This plugin makes changing page order and defining parent pages so fast and easy. This should be the default for WordPress page management.

    Plus I can use the function in the body of my template code.

    This is indeed an awesome plugin.



    How would it behave on a site with close to 800 Pages?
    I would be really happy if someone responded to this.

    why would someone have 60+ pages? what is the benefit?

    HI there,

    first pagemash worked ok, but now it doesn’t want to go…it keeps sayint “Error: Update Timeout” and it doesn’t save the page positions. Any idea?

    I use wordpress 2.5.1 so far and pagemash 1.1.3

    @supersonicsquirrel pageMash will work with large numbers of pages, but is not optimised so will be very slow!! (particularly when loading)

    @enrico_34 did it stop working after updating the plugin? or do you know what caused it to serve this error?
    Try enabling the $ShowDegubInfo var at the top of pagemash.php

    Also loving pageMash.

    My request would be to make it more self explanatory, in as far as i have to tell people “You want Manage > pageMash”. If it was called Arrange Pages in teh admin menu, or something like that. A link on the “Manage > Pages” page “Arrange pages with drag and drop”

    thanks again

    When I move a page to a new parent that page becomes 404 until I go to it and make a modification to it (for example, manage->pages->page that just got moved to new parent-> add an extra space to the end of the body).

    Yet… wordpress is properly showing it’s new parent, it’s new URL (underneath it’s title), everything. The page just dissapears from public access, however.

    Fresh install of pageMash 1.1.3 on WordPress 2.5.1.

    edit/update: Well.. it’s working fine on another one of my wordpress installs (same versions of everything), so I know that it is probably something isolated to the first install. Will poke around and see.

    @enrico_34 did it stop working after updating the plugin? or do you know what caused it to serve this error?
    Try enabling the $ShowDegubInfo var at the top of pagemash.php

    I did update it, yes, and I think it came after it…but I have another exact copy of my website on another database, and it works ok…that’s strange!!!



    locash: Because my website is not a blog. It’s full of articles, stories and similar things.

    jmash: Thanks for the response.

    This looks like a great plugin for pages, but does anyone know of a similar plugin for posts? Posts have the management and syndication functionality that I need, but it’s really tough to set them up in the right reading order using dates/times.

    Thanks for any help!

    I will try PageMash! Thanks.

    @dains, I don’t know what kind of post-ordering you need for your site but you might be able to do what you want by modifying the query in your theme, before The Loop. More info in the Codex if you search those terms. For example you could query your posts in alphabetical order. Then you could title the posts like Chapter 01: A new road. Chapter 02: Into the woods. It would be in order. Just depends what you want to do.

    hi, anyone know how to make this plugin compatible with wordpress qTranslate plugin? im sure its an easy fix for someone with knowhow, all that need fixing is for the language tags in qtranslate to be removed from displaying in the pagemash site tree.
    thanks so much!!

    Amen! My eyes would cross without this very necessary plugin! 80+ pages. Thank you, Joel!

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 24 total)
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