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  • Resolved Alkerion


    Hi !

    The “Article Reading Exception” area on Categories is not showing when editing them.

    The settings is well displayed on Articles and Pages.

    Any idea what’s going wrong with Categories ?

    Thanks for support


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  • Tried to turn off all extensions -> Still not showing

    Tried uninstall/install -> Still not showing

    That’s working well on my other sites with same versions

    Any help appreciated

    Same issue on post_tag.

    If in Core Settings I uncheck Category in Filtered Taxonomies I see on Category edit a message to enable filter, when activated I see nothing anymore.

    I’ve no idea since when it’s not working anymore as I set the Category filtering nearly one year ago….


    If I remove “&post_type=post” in URL it’s showing again….

    Any explanation & fix ?


    It’s crazy

    I’ve created a new Admin user and the options are displayed, I can’t find any reasons or settings that will prevent my historical admin user to see these options.

    any help appreciated.

    Hi !

    I’ve compared the two Admin users in DB tables, I still can’t find any differences between them.

    I’ve deleted the old Admin and use the new one, works as expected now.

    Unexplained bug but fixed


    Plugin Author Kevin Behrens



    If I remove “&post_type=post” in URL it’s showing again….

    Any explanation & fix ?

    If you have “&post_type=post” in the URL, that is the link for editing the category’s Post Reading Exceptions. The correct URL for editing Article Reading Exceptions will have “&post_type=article” (or whatever your post_type slug is) in the URL.

    Accessing the same “Edit Category” URL with no post_type argument allow you to edit universal exceptions, which are applied for all post types.

    Hi Kevin,

    OK, thanks for the clarification.

    But that doesn’t really answer the issue I faced.

    I’ve created a new admin user and now everything is back to normal, no idea why the settings wasn’t displayed with previous admin.



    I just had this same problem and tracked down the issue. Once an admin user orders the meta boxes when editing a post, it saves a new row in wp_usermeta for meta-box-order_post. In that row it puts the pp_read_post_exceptions under “advanced”. I looked in the code, and in the press-permit-core/admin/post-edit-ui_pp.php it adds the meta box with add_meta_box( "pp_{$op}_{$post_type}_exceptions", sprintf( __( '%s Exceptions', 'pp' ), $op_obj->noun_label ), array(&$this, 'draw_exceptions_ui'), $post_type, 'advanced', 'default', array( 'op' => $op ) ); but in press-permit-core/admin/term-edit-ui_pp.php it uses add_meta_box( $box_id, $_box['title'], array(&$this, 'draw_exceptions_ui'), $register_type, 'normal', 'default', array( 'for_item_type' => $_box['for_item_type'], 'op' => $op ) );. Notice the $context argument uses advanced for post edit but normal for term edit? I think that is the problem, but not sure. For now, I’ll just remove custom ordering for users, but anytime they reorder it will break. Does this make sense?

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