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  • I have had issue with my powerpress podcasting plugin containing nasty malware. don’t know if anyone else has experienced this. the malware was removed by my hosting service then after i upgraded powerpress it returned within a month. the virus, a trojan, was contained in the jsplayer file. i tried to fix it but soon the program did not work like before and i have deleted it and am trying a new one. anyone else have a problem like this?


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  • From where did you download the plugin?

    Downloaded it from the WordPress Page.

    I am still using it as the other podcast plugin would not work for me, Mighty Seek. I had to go back to an older version I had and take the jsplayer file from there and replace the current jsplayer file in my plugins folder. So far no problems. I have not sen anyone having this issue. I uninstalled and reinstalled a couple times but the problem came back. So far by using the old jsplayer file no problem except that the default player will not work. I could not find the malware code in the plugin edit area. Did not really know what to look for to remove it. If I


    There is no jsplayer file packaged with PowerPress. There is a file named “player.js”, I just reviewed it as well as scanned it with my virus scanner and it is clean.

    We take allegations like these very seriously. Please email me ( as soon as possible with contact information of your web hosting provider along with any other details such as the name of the virus your web hosting provider discovered so we can work with them to get this problem resolved.


    I sent you an email.

    Thanks fro getting back


    From our email conversation, it sounds like either your computer has a virus or the server has a virus that is infecting the player.js file when it is uploaded to your server.

    This is a heavy charge to place on any application and I’m glad to work with you to confirm that the PowerPress plugin is not infected with a virus or and does not include malware.

    The issue does not seem to the problem of the powerpress plugin. I am not sure what it is really but I have been working with Angelo Mandato and the problem seems to be either my computer infecting the protoype.js file of the server I am hosted on is doing it. Not sure at all. I removed powerpress and used another podcasting plugin only to have the issue return. The virus called HTML:IFrame-JQ[Tr] seems to be infecting a file called protoype.js in my wp-includes folder over and over. This file has something to do with Flash Players.I have a clean copy of the file to upload and overwrite the infected file until the matter is fixed. Working with Angelo and my tech support and probably this weekend will at least clean my c-drive.

    Powerpress is, in my opinion, perfectly okay to use. Sorry for any confusion.


    compliments to you both for a logical, unemotional thread. This is the way the world should work, either of you care to run for President or Congress? you have my vote.

    all the best

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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