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    After using this for another few months I am convinced it is the hardest to use plugin I have ever used (I am a 10 year wp user). The auto-update plugin doesn’t work. The settings are everywhere. AND here is the final straw… they control their main direcotry page with a WIDGET.

    They control a page with a WIDGET!?!?!? That just makes no sense.

    HARDEST to use plugin. EVER!

    UPDATED MAY 2018 FOR PAID VERSION (now 2 stars):
    Very hard to use. No, wait – EXTREMELY hard to use. Settings are everywhere and hard to find. We are too far into our project to change plugins, so we are stuck with this. But I regret this purchase.

    The page design conflicts with our theme and we are adding so much custom CSS we might as well be customizing the entire plugin.

    This plugin is made by developers, not designers. This is not only obvious by the dated frontend design, but the hard to use UX of the confusing backend.

    PREVIOUS REVIEW (3 stars) – APRIL 2018
    There are a lot of cool features to this plugin but it is not easy to use at all. It is like trying to put together a 10,000 piece puzzle without knowing what the picture is.

    Within five minutes of paying for the membership, I had already submitted four support tickets.

    All the add-ons require you to download them from your account and then install theme individually. And each one has its own license key. And there is no apparent place to paste the license key after installation. Terrible cumbersome to install.

    Most advanced plugins have a way to turn on/off addons via a dash board and only require ONE license key. Not 15.

    Some of the addons require third-party plugins.

    And the only way to activate their own plugins is via another plugin (easy updates) which is not easy to find. But try searching their support docs for this info and it will take you a long time to figure it out.

    Sure, all the info you need is in their support docs… somewhere. But it aint easy t find (and these guys make a directory).

    So, it is indeed powerful, but don’t expect to be up and running quickly. It is hard to navigate, support docs are mediocre and add-ons are confusing.

    My initial impression – Not impressed and regretful.

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  • Plugin Author Paolo


    Hi and thanks for your feedback.

    Most of the point you raised will be solved by V2 that is currently in beta.

    There will be an install wizard that will make it a lot easier to use. Add-ons will be installed via dashboard and in general there will be less to do to get started.

    Apart from post2post for the list manager, no 3rd party plugin is required for any of our add-ons. If you refer to the Invoicing plugin, that’s not a 3rd party plugin. We are the developers of that plugin too and it was built to manage all payment needs of our plugins. Right now it works only standalone or with GeoDirectory, but soon it’ll manage payments for the GeoDirectory ads manager that we are working on.

    Wp Easy Update is only needed to update the plugins. You don’t need to activate them to start using them. here we explained why we biult the Easy Updates plugin: In V2 WP Easy Updates will be installed by the wizard.

    V2 will come with new docs too and we are working to improve them too and make everything a lot easier to work with.

    That said, V2 is not ready yet for a live website and we don’t want our members to feel regretful about buying our plugins. We prefer them to be happy and that’s why we have the most accommodating refund policy ever:

    Now I’m heading to the forum to make sure all your questions get a reply asap.

    Thanks again!

    Thanks for the quick reply and the forum support.

    Post2post looks like a 3rd party plugin (it is not on your site and is downloaded from an outside site. And is not included, or mentioned, in your download area.) So, sorry I misinterpreted that. It certainly “appears” to be third-party.

    I have given my honest impression of my initial experience with this plugin. I stand by it. I will wait for V2 to come out before I update anything.

    If I could give 1/2 star reviews, I would up this to 3.5 stars. Your support forum replies were quick and helpful.

    Plugin Author Paolo


    Some of the addons require third-party plugins.

    I just wanted to point out that only 1 of the add-ons require a 3rd party free plugin, while you review suggested that more than one needed 3rd party plugins. (I edited my original answer)

    I don’t expect you to change you mind based on my reply.

    We agree with most of the points you raised, reason why we have been working hard on V2 for the past +6 months.

    Thank you!

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