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  • Great functionality and easy to install and manage. The only downside I found is that the ads are not easy to customize. You’re stuck with the standard fields and layout, and the customer does not have any editing tools (must use basic HTML to format). Otherwise it’s worked great for us.

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    Hi lolocraft,

    Regarding your comment about customizing the layout, you can actually do this easily without touching the plugin code.

    Go under Classifieds->Settings, Ad/Listing tab. There are 2 HTML templates there–one for listings, one for detail view, and you can manipulate the fields however you like.

    You can change what fields show up by adding or removing field codes in the templates. The field codes that are available are listed here:

    If that was your only issue, would you mind changing your review to 5 stars? 🙂

    hi awpcp,

    Thanks very much for the tips. I do have HTML enabled on our site ( but users have to know html, rather than begin able to use a WYSIWYG editor (similar to what is available here). Is there a way to add formatting buttons, or is HTML coding the only option?

    As for the fields, I have customized which fields are displayed by editing the layout settings, but you can’t customize the fields. For instance, if a user is logged in, the email address field is auto filled, and there is no way to edit this field (i.e. they may have registered with their personal email but wish to display a generic info@ email address, but this isn’t possible unless they log out). Also, the web url is displayed as a “Visit website” link ($awpcpvisitwebsite) but there is not a field code to display the actual URL.

    On a related note, it’s not possible to edit which fields are displayed, or how they are displayed, on the ad listing form (the page where users enter their ad details). I would like to display the City before the State field, but there is not an HTML template for that page on the Ad/Listing page.

    Thanks for your assistance.

    Plugin Author awpcp


    So it IS possible to edit which fields are displayed.

    You can decide basic field visibility using Classifieds->Settings, Form Field tab. Beyond that, you can edit the HTML template (which is used for ALL listing, each user does NOT have to edit it individually)

    Sounds like you’re allowing each user to do some heavily custom display on the listing, which is generally not how classifieds are used. Usually, you set the template to be a certain way, the users input the data, and then the result is a series of ads that all look similar, based on that data. I’m not exactly clear on your use of a WYSIWYG editor here–if this is a job board, the individual fields should be straight forward, right?

    For fields themselves, you have some options here. The basic set of fields that come with the plugin can’t be changed much. If you use the Extra Fields module, you can put in the types of fields you want (so if you prefer checkboxes, drop-downs, whatever, you can set that). You can alter their visibility on various forms (search, detail, view).

    The email issue you mention is behavior due to the fact you have Require registration turned on. That auto-populates the email field with the profile email. We have override behavior for this on our latest AWPCP which you can contact me for if you like (

    If you look at the field code article I sent, there is a raw URL you can access directly if you want. I would encourage you to check that out.

    For the city/state issue, please see the HTML template under Classifieds->Settings, Ad/Listing settings. The City/State combination can be ordered however you like by using the field codes.

    Plugin Author awpcp


    If you have further questions, we should continue this in a support thread, a review thread isn’t really appropriate for this kind of conversation.

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