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powerful and great features, multi RSS too!

  • This is one of the first plugins that I upload into every WordPress install I create or rebuild.

    Update: This has an important feature I desperately need and didn’t realize fully what it can do (the plugin I have used for years is gone). I need to handle and display, via categories, tons of RSS feeds. I wish I had figured this out years ago.

    If you must deal with a heavy load of links – you need this plugin. The features are simple and stellar: ability to organize link presentation (I dig pagination option), the category list as a drop box (I have a long list of categories), and the ‘search links’. It makes my list of links usable, customizable, accessible, and inviting. I use my own link list daily – usability is vital for me.

    It can be as simple or complex as you choose it to be. I like that. The default settings are fine. I tried some of the other options after I had used it for some time with just the defaults. Then you can really rock, if you want.

    Thank you for stellar, powerful and stable plugin! And most important – maintained. Makes or breaks my site in that a big part of its purpose would be eliminated, almost impossible, without this plugin.

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