• I rate this as a WordPress developer who’s reasonably comfortable writing PHP. There’s a lot built into plugin than non-programmers would find powerful and easy to use, but I confess that mostly I’m mostly using the “Logic” section for what I need.

    Since this allows me to embed arbitrary PHP code, there’s almost nothing I can’t do with logic statements that return true to make a widget appear.

    I’ve used similar, less flexible plugins in years past. This is clearly the best.

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  • An older version had a menu with all the blog pages and just a tick in the box required to allocate or include widgets- whre is that gone in this current version – it was so much simpler. Right no I cannot get the designated widgets to show on the home page. It all works fine on the sub pages but the home page is bereft of any widgets no matter how many different attempts I carry out.

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