• WooCommerce Payment is working well but kind of okay on my part.

    When I setup the first time, it was a bit complicated and long-waiting. I hadn’t get my payouts because Stripe reviewed my account after I submitted the required documents (my ID, business and address documents). Then Stripe team emailed me to ask for more documents (my products). Few days later, they emailed me again to ask for more documents (my invoices). And finally, days later, they accepted my account and un-paused my payouts. That was more than 4 weeks I hadn’t get my payments. So you should watch out on that and be prepare.

    Plus, I couldn’t see my Activity Feed on my Stripe Express website (I need it for my marketing team). So I send a request to Stripe team about it, and they said to me that “WooCommerce has decided to limit the functionality available in Stripe Express so you will only see the Tax Forms page of Stripe Express.” They told me I should contact to WooCommerce about it. WooCommerce answered me saying that they couldn’t do anything with it but I can view them in my WordPress Dashboard only.

    That’s a very unfortunately so I had to create new usernames for my whole team to use my WordPress Dashboard.

    In conclusion, this payment plugin is working well and got my payouts with no problem, but keep in mind they have some disadvantages.

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  • Plugin Support Chris M. – a11n


    Howdy @dinaddd,

    Thank you so much for sharing your honest experiences with WooCommerce Payments!

    Built in Partnership with Stripe

    Stripe reviews all connected accounts and uses various signals to assess risk on those accounts.

    As our payments partner, they have the final say in delaying or suspending the payouts or deposits, and suspending or terminating an account or its ability to process transactions.

    I understand that this was likely a stressful process for you to go through, but I’m glad that it’s all sorted and you were able to get your deposits 😊

    Activity Feed

    We’re always looking for ways to improve WooCommerce Payments. In my discussions with our engineering and design teams, we’d like for merchants to be able to manage everything about their WooCommerce Payments account from the wp-admin dashboard. The idea here is that this should make it easier for merchants and their teams to run their businesses—regardless of scale.

    Is there a particular part of the Activity Feed experience that you would like to see included in the wp-admin dashboard?

    Looking forward to hearing from you!

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