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    You would have to modify the header.php file directly to change that.

    Had a look but what part specifically needs to change?

    Theme Author bandicootmarketing


    I actually moved the code. 😉

    Now it is in functions.php all the way at the bottom within the bavotasan_jumbotron() function.

    Hi, can you tell where exactly to place the link to the picture I want to have shown there? Can I just insert somewhere so that this picture shows up instead of the power button? Thanks in advance.

    And another Question: In the Pro version can I also change the upper half of the page which is white by default into another color? Or is that only possible for the lower part as described?

    Hello- I was wondering how we might be able to just remove the power button? I was looking at the code, but really don’t see where it references any type of placeholder.


    The Power-Off icon can be removed or changed in the style.css under

    .icon-off:before {

    here is how i’ve done it:

    .icon-off:before {
      /*content: "\f021”;*/

    sweet- just changed it to :
    .icon-off:before {

    And no more power button. I really liked the circle there- so… great result. Thanks!!

    When I buy the premier version, I will have a cool icon there… 🙂

    i dont understand how you guys are doing this…? i have an icon i want to replace the power button for and the icon is in my media library how will i go about putting it in?

    open Admin panel -> Apearance -> Editor and find this section:

    .icon-off:before {
      content: "\f021”;

    and replace it with

    .icon-off:before {

    Great info, thank you.

    I have one more question: Is it possible to insert a hyperlink to that logo?


    Sure. In functions.php, find function bavotasan_jumbotron (it’s the last function in the file).

    Locate this line:

    <i class="middle-circle icon-off"></i>

    …and change it to…

    <a href="http://your.url/"><i class="middle-circle icon-off"></i></a>

    That works on mine, but I *have* changed the style.css file to use a small .png file instead of the power button graphic. I don’t see why it wouldn’t work for the original setup.

    got it! thanks alot for your help.

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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