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    According to the CFF documentation, the POW equations has to be like this: pow(x,y).
    Is it possible to use it with a single variable, like this: pow(x)?

    For example, the SQRT is possible with a single variable, like this: sqrt(x).

    Thanks for your help!

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    • This topic was modified 1 year, 7 months ago by  berekenhulp.
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    Hello @berekenhulp,

    The “POW” operation requires two parameters, but these parameters can be numbers, for example:

    POW(fieldname1, 2)

    Best regards.

    But why does it require 2 fields? I’m looking for something that works like square.
    For example:
    SQR(2) = 4
    SQR(3) = 9

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    Hello @berekenhulp,

    Because our plugin does not include a SQR operation. I don’t understand the problem of using:

    POW(2,2) = 4
    POW(3,2) = 9

    Best regards.

    Thanks! I didn’t think of this solution. Great 🙂

    When i’m using the POW equation in my formula it doesn’t work.

    My question: I would like to calculate my final capital with the following conditions: monthly investment of €300, yearly interest rate of 7% and a duration of 20 years. I use the following formula:


    I don’t get any result but it should be 153121,8183

    Fieldname 2 = monthly investment
    Fieldname 3 = duration in years
    Fieldname 4 = yearly interest rate

    Can you please help me? Thanks in advance

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    Hello @berekenhulp,

    Could you send me the link to your webpage for checking the form in action, please?

    I’ve tested the formula your are referring:


    replacing the fields’ names with the corresponding values:

    300/(1-POW((1+7/100),(1/12)))+(300-300/(1-POW((1+7/100),(1/12))))*POW((1+7),20)-300 =


    Now using pure javascript, without our plugin’s operations:

    300/(1-Math.pow((1+7/100),(1/12)))+(300-300/(1-Math.pow((1+7/100),(1/12))))*Math.pow((1+7),20)-300 =


    As you can see the result was just the same.

    Best regards.

    Wow! So much thanks for your response

    But when I’m using MS Excel, using the formula beneath, it gives another result.

    B2/1(1-(1+B4/100)^(1/12))+(B2-B2/(1-(1+B4/100)^(1/12)))*(1+B#/100)^B3-B2 = 153121,8183

    B2 = monthly investment
    B3 = duration in years
    B4 = yearly interest rate

    I don’t understand the problem. Can you please help me out?

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    The difference is simple, in your Excel formular you are using


    but in the equation:


    In the Excel formula you are dividing B4/100 but not in the equation.

    I’m sorry but debugging the users equations is not covered by the support service. If you need additional help implementing the equations, you should request a custom coding service:

    Best regards.

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