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    Hello All,

    Yes, NextGEN Gallery ‘Pro’ is probably the most important plugin for WordPress and therefore the World.

    Finally, ‘Critical Mass’ is embracing the Internet not so much as a place for many, many, many words (ex. Blogs, Books, Brochures, News [Headlines are Ok], Obituaries, you get it).

    The Internet, on any kind or size screen, is a Multi-sense Experience, Sight, Listening, Tactile, and other undefined, subtler-senses, words simply don’t work, ex. Visceral, Guttural, Terrifying, Loving, Gracious, Insightful (and Inciteful), Rebellious, Kind, again, you get the Idea.

    It should be known that Alfred Hitchcock, coming from a Stage and then Silent Film background, knew for Certain that Film is a ‘Visual’ Medium. You don’t actually need Words to deliver ‘Dramatic Impact’ in Film. A picture is worth 1-4K words.

    Imagine an AWEsome, IMax type, picture of the Grand Canyon. This Picture can take your Breathe away (Btw, after 20-seconds-MAX the Impact dissipates). Now write 1.5K words for that same time. The words cannot make the image better no matter what or who writes it, especially if you have to read it.

    Consequently, Words actually get in the way of ‘Dramatic Impact’ and the AWEsomeness.

    Although Sound can enhance the Image or Moving Image and Dramatic or Comical Music can positively change/enhance the Impact of an Image or Moving Image; Consider, at first, grandiose music that suddenly changes to suspense-driven urgency, we now recognize in the distance a man, within our AWEsome Grand Canyon shot, his full body is hurtling over the ‘secure-barrier’ of a tourist bridge, a clear, lucite “U” shaped bridge extending 100 feet from the cliff-side. As we quick-zoom in, unsettled by the shifting music, we hear what we think is one word, “A..aa..aaaaahhhhhhhhh” in clear contrast to the music. The man plunges out of the frame-sight of our AWEsome Image and we hear a noticeable ‘Thud,’ followed by a series of fading thuds and finally a light ‘splash.’

    Scholars might argue with Hitchcock, that “A..aa..aaaaahhhhhhhhh” is even a word, but I think Hitchcock might say, “Does it really matter?” We took an AWEsome, single shot, added some Music and a Guttural sound, dramatically mounting to a ‘light’ splash, that we didn’t even see.

    An AWEsome shot with no close-ups, Great for the budget, and Great for the Viewer, only the Viewer knows what the ‘Splash’ might’ve looked like. And the whole shot lasted less than 20 seconds, so, for sure, nobody fell asleep.

    So, it must be clear by now, that NextGEN Gallery from Imagely,
    *- Is the most popular WordPress gallery Plugin of all time – True.
    *- Has 25 million installations on WordPress – True.
    *- WordPress, the platform that delivers 33.2% of the ‘Entire’ Internet [Entire] – Amazingly, True.
    *- Used by some of the best photographers in the world – True (including me).
    *- NextGEN Gallery (Pro), consequently is, according to me, the Most Important Plugin, on the Planet.

    Thank you for Reading my Modest Opinion.

    And, btw, everyone should visit the Grand Canyon, it puts the AWE in Awesome.

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