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  • Hello,

    I’m not fairly knowledgeable with PHP, but hopefully somebody can help me with a little problem I’m having…

    So, I’m trying to add a shortcode after each post (this is the WP Paypal Shopping cart plugin) [wp_cart:PRODUCT-NAME:price:PRODUCT-PRICE:end].

    I’ve played around with the <?php do_shortcode(); ?>, which I believe is the right tool to use. So I simply add <?php do_shortcode('[wp_cart:PRODUCT-NAME:price:PRODUCT-PRICE:end]'); ?>.

    In place of PRODUCT-NAME, I want to insert the title of the post/product, <?php the_title(); ?>, and in place of PRODUCT-PRICE, the custom field <?php meta('price'); ?>.

    Putting <?php do_shortcode('[wp_cart:<?php the_title(); ?>:price:<?php meta('price'); ?>:end]'); ?> isn’t working, which makes sense I think because I have a <?php inside another <?php. My “simple” question is how to get the values of <?php the_title(); ?> and <?php meta('price'); ?> inside the shortcode to work correctly, if this is possible.

    Sorry for rambling… Any help would be greatly appreciated! 🙂

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  • you should run this shortcode inside a loop, only then you will get title and price of the current post. Also this plugin should have template functions which are much better if you inside your template files

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