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    This plugin continues to be extremely valuable, moreso than plugins I’ve paid good money for. I believe you’ve grown in installations, and I hope that continues.

    A question for you. I suspect this plugin may be capturing redirects from another plugin I use called “Easy Affiliate Links”. EAL is a popular plugin which allows you to create redirect links on your website. For example, a link like “” that redirects to “”. This is for the purposes of tracking clicks and displaying a nice link rather than the direct URL. It appears that when people are clicking these links on my website, it’s being captured by 404 Solution and displayed as a redirect in the log file.

    Screenshot here, you can see the intended URL and redirect URL are the same.

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    Potentially as the page (/go/some-product) does not technically exist, or maybe due to the fundamental redirection mechanism I’m not sure. Eitherway it’s not actually interfering with the function – EAL still appears to work fine, though it’s mildly concerning that it could potentially interfere or slowdown the redirection process.

    It may be worth installing that plugin and checking out yourself if you have time. I really think you have a very useful plugin here which could easily be developed into something better than EAL (don’t tell them I said that!) with a few tweaks and graphs which are’nt hard to do.

    Finally, if it helps you develop the plugin at all, I can share any of the logs or screenshots from my website for you to gauge how its working, as I know your plugin gets a fair pounding based on the design of my website – 4000+ posts currently (products) with a large number being removed and others added each day, so there’s a lot of 404s and redirects created by the search engines, however it does show your plugin doing a tremendous job.

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  • I think I can answer my own question – yes it captures it, as the EAL plugin uses a 301 redirect.

    So I guess the question then comes back to filtering information, and how these “known” redirects could be captured and excluded from logs (eg. by having an option to exclude 301s based on wildcards like /go/), but still being able to capture a genuine situation where a /go/ redirect link does’nt actually exist nor lead to anywhere (ie. 404 page).

    Plugin Author Aaron


    Hey ozzymuppet,

    Thanks for the positive feedback. I’m glad the plugin is helping.

    Ah I noticed that there’s a forward slash at the end of the redirected URL. This has been a bug that I’ve been ignoring for a while. So for a page with the URL “about” it will show up as a redirect to “about/” if the slash wasn’t in the originally requested URL.

    Let me see what I can do about fixing that and see if it solves your issue.

    Plugin Author Aaron


    The issue seems to be caused by canonical redirects. Let me know if version 1.6.6 solves the issue for you.


    Plugin Author Aaron


    ozzymuppet, let me know if there’s still an issue.

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