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    If you are having issues with SuperCAPTCHA v2.4.5 we have some things we realize may be common problems which 100% are compatibility issues with the server you are on.

    Your server must be able to resolve and Try to ping these domains from SSH to see if this is possible. If not, Super CAPTCHA Pro features will not work on your server.

    – CURL
    Your server must be able to use CURL. There is a simple diagnostics application on the Super-CAPTCHA plugin page after you install (at the bottom) that will let you know whether or not your system is compatible. If you see any failures with CURL you will not be able to use Pro features.

    – GD
    This is a given, any time there are image manipulations to be done, your server must support GD. If you see a failure on GD under the Super CAPTCHA plugin page under diagnostics, your site will not run Super-CAPTCHA. Sorry, but there is just no way around this.

    – !! SOLUTION !!
    We have a banner in the Super-CAPTCHA plugin page to our free hosting service should you want to test Super-CAPTCHA or our hosting environment which is 110% compatible with Super-CAPTCHA, WordPress, and other popular plugins. This hosting is completely free and would most likely serve as adequate for low to medium traffic blogs and websites.

    – Other Errors
    Please report other errors, also ensure you read the compatibility messages, such as “Session Auto Start” must be DISABLED in your php config file (which is common practice) or you will see Warning after Warning.

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