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  • I noticed and are rather negative and go off-topic on just promoting other plugins rather than actually investigating the problem so it can be fixed more effectively by the developer when they have time to do so.

    I ran into the same issue mentioned in where going to Upload Files leaves it at a blank white screen due to a JavaScript error (I cannot speak to the “The block has encountered an error and cannot be previewed.” error regarding the Gutenberg/blocks editor at this point in time, but I imagine this too could be fixed [I typically use SiteOrigin Page Builder or the Classic Editor so this blocks editor-specific issue hasn’t been encountered on my sites.])

    I’ve narrowed the issue regarding the JavaScript error preventing uploading of new files to the js/eml-media-views.js file. Simply removing all code from that one file has the uploader working again so it must be located somewhere within there. This is a stop-gap fix to get uploads working again, but I’ll look for a more refined solution to this problem.

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  • I know this fixes the issue with the Upload Files tab, but this might also fix the other issues being experienced with the blocks editor & elsewhere (didn’t replicate to test against.)

    – Updated Fix –
    Edit the js/eml-media-views.js file within the Enhanced Media Library plugin (same file for Pro if you happen to be using that.)

    From there, you literally just comment out / remove the createUploader code block as that’s the only thing causing the issue I came across, and it seems unnecessary based on what I’m seeing & know about the plugin. You can see what I mean via my gist where I had the original file and then modified it to resolve the issue here:

    I’d love for this to be considered for official adoption in a version update just to get things working better for the current version of WordPress.

    Isn’t this the issue?

    WordPress 5.3: Backbone Upgrade Guide

    I was unfamiliar with that update (and backbone itself, currently) so that’s very helpful! The code I commented out does indeed have the listenTo event in question being used.

    – Further Updated Fix –
    I gave that a shot by uncommenting the code I had commented out (returning the file to its original state) and then simply swapped out:

    this.attachments.listenTo( this.controller, 'attachment:keydown:arrow',     this.attachments.arrowEvent );


    this.attachments.listenTo( this.collection, 'attachment:keydown:arrow',     this.attachments.arrowEvent );


    this.attachments.listenTo( this.controller, 'attachment:details:shift-tab', this.attachments.restoreFocus );


    this.attachments.listenTo( this.collection, 'attachment:details:shift-tab', this.attachments.restoreFocus );

    This seems to have done the trick! Everything else is working as expected (as far as I can tell) and then this compatability issue has been fixed. Thanks @avbernot!

    You can see this latest revision here: as well as the final resulting file here:

    Again, let me know if there are still issues, something is missing/overlooked, etc. Otherwise, I’d love to see this latest patch implemented in an official update to this plugin (for now, I just have this manually patched for myself and I edited the main plugin file so the version is now [in the plugin info comment as well as the EML_VERSION define line] to help cache-bust this newly-patched file for users.)

    DUDE!!! I could kiss you right now. Thank you so much for this fix. It resolved my problem with EML Pro. I was pulling my hair for the last 3 days. This is Awesome!!!

    I can verify that this fixed the issue I was seeing as well.

    I still have a bug here:

    1. When creating a gallery inside a post you can select everything properly but you can not drag and drop the images. Then once you save and try and go back to edit it does not work. It dosent remember its a gallery and just lets you create a new one.



    @avbernot @kzeni Amazing work! The fix did, in fact, solve the missing upload utility page when uploading a product or featured image to a post. I had to disable the Enhanced Media Library plugin and then load a post and try to upload a product or featured image, but not complete. Then go back and activate the plugin and repeat the process to finally see a working result. It took that process to flush the script from the cache, although clearing the cache on the browser would have worked too. Thanks!

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    Thank you for this fix! I too had to deactivate and then reactivate the plugin and to clear the browser cache.



    Brilliant! Thank you for the fix, Kurt!



    First off thanks for some great work here. I myself started looking into this issue but found eml-media-views.js a bit overwhelming at the time so I had to stop. Glad to see the issue kind of resolved. Hoping for a new release but this project doesn’t seem to be maintained anymore which is ashamed.

    For anyone using composer to install plugins in their project I have prepared a patch fixing this as described above. Which can be found here:

    I use composer-patches for this

    and can be applied by adding

          "wpackagist-plugin/enhanced-media-library": {
            "Fix compatibility with WordPress 5.3": ""

    to your projects composer.json



    Thank you KZeni for this fix! I’ve just uploaded your updated .js file to one of my sites & it seems working perfectly!

    You already lost me. I already found a working solution.
    You can’t just disappear leaving your paying customers in the lurch for a year and expect everyone to wait for you to decide to come back.
    The neglect was absolutely disgusting.

    I am running the beta version 3 but notice I cant use all 4 lines that was suggested I had to remove controller and replace with collection. This does work

    Having the same issue here as noted here. This workaround is great (props KZeni), but is the author of EML intending to update the plugin?

    Having the same issue as noted here. This workaround is great (props KZeni), but is the author of EML intending to update the plugin, or is the plugin abandoned? Confusing.

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