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  • I have noticed the same thing. Is there a work-around for this, or is this just the way the plugin is going to stay? I have noticed that the plugin site is void of info.

    Works really nice when the slug & title are the same.

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    Hi All,

    I wasn’t aware of this glitch, so thanks for the heads up.

    We’re currently upgrading our site to provide better support, once that’s done I will be pushing a new release and I will address this issue.

    Thanks for your feedback!


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    Hi pictogram & Toosheds,

    I haven’t been able to duplicate this issue. I tried changing the title, the permalink slug, and even installed an SEO plugin to change the page title in the header. Even when they’re all different it is still working.

    Any insight you could give me as to what themes/plugins your using that might be causing the issue would be very much appreciated.


    Hello dododigital! I am also having the same problem where there are some pages that the title is hidden while others are not – even though I’ve checked off the Hide Title feature. You can see what I mean here: Do you know how I can change this?

    Hey all, not sure if this is what’s going on with you… but I was trying to use an ampersand in my page title (& symbol), and the hide would not work. I removed the ampersand from my title and the hide worked.

    Great plug-in, thanks Dojo Digital.

    Plugin Author Dojo Digital


    Thanks for the feedback on this. It appears to be an issue with special characters. I’ll be pushing an update in a few days and hopefully this will be fixed.

    Took me a while to solve this one. But was rather simple.
    I didn’t have any special characters or whatsoever. Everything seemed to work fine except a couple of pages. I checked EVERYTHING!

    Finally I realized that there was an unwanted SPACE at the end of the title!
    It was “Next Run ” instead of “Next Run”

    As soon as I removed the space, it worked like a charm. Did several tests with success.

    Nice Plugin DD, Thanks!

    thanks for the tip. I had a space at the end of my Title. Removing it fixed this issue. thanks Dojo Digital!

    Didn’t seem to work for me. If I put in a “-” or a “&” and there is no space at the end, it didn’t seem to work. Will avoid these characters for now. Would be great to see an update on this. Thanks!

    Note that commas are okay.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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