• Hello and first of all 1 000 000 thanks for the wonderful plugin.

    I had a problem with the pot file, though. I tried to open it with PoEdit and it says it’s “not a valid pot file”.

    Also, I’ll need to display the dates in French. For instance :

    29 mai – 03 juin
    instead of
    29th May – 03rd Jun

    Do you think you could help me?

    Many thanks in advance,


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  • Hi again,

    To solve the problem, I changed a few things in class-events-codes-event.php :

    	public function setDates($event_start_date,$event_end_date,$all_day = false, $showtime = true){
    		//$startDateDay = date('dS',$event_start_date);
    		$startDateDay = date('d',$event_start_date);
    		//$startDateMon = date('M',$event_start_date);
    		$startDateMon = date('F',$event_start_date);
    		$startDateYear = date('Y',$event_start_date);
    		//$endDateDay = date('dS',$event_end_date);
    		$endDateDay = date('d',$event_end_date);
    		//$endDateMon = date('M',$event_end_date);
    		$endDateMon = date('F',$event_end_date);
    		$endDateYear = date('Y',$event_end_date);

    which is better for the Days but doesn’t change anything for the month.

    Of course, this can only be a temporary solution…

    There’s another problem : I also have weird characters, like :

    Arrivée le dimanche 18 août à 16h, installation puis premier cours à 17h30 (impératif : pas d�…

    Any help welcome,


Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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