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    Probably not the best description.

    Just today, when I create a post, and click either save to draft or publish, the title publises but the body of the post seems to disappear.

    This was happening on 2.8.2 and I just upgraded to 2.8.3 and it is still happening. I am running a similar blog (theme wise) and it is not there.

    Makes me suspect a virus–any clues?


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  • The blog URL is

    Visually from the front, there is nothign to see. I start a new post, and when I hit publish or preview, all the info in the body disappears. Visually all that will show on the blog is the tile and thn immediately below that the commets

    THe entry does not disappear, because I can see it (as published or in draft) and when I go to re-open it, again the body box is empty.

    I have also tried this by creating and manually typping in a post, and also from cut and pasting from a wordpad to strip out any other coding.

    Any help or a direction to where I need to look will be appreciated. I am a complete neophyte.



    Check with these options:

    – Try to disable all the plugins and enable them one by one to find out the culprit.
    – Change the theme and have a check
    – Remove all unwanted codes from htaccess file.


    Shane G.

    Thanks Shane.

    The culprit was the Visitor Like/Dislike Rating plug in.

    As I troubleshot more (with the help of a friend) it was more and more bizarre. Some users were not able to access the HTML view otrhers were not able to access the Visual view. Older users upgraded to Admin wwere able to post. Very strange behavior.

    But it is resolved and just a heads up on the culprit!

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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