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  • I use wp_list_pages to.

    I would like to naviguate between different pages with a next/previous menu when I’m in a page.

    I have tried //?php posts_nav_link(”); ?//. It dosn’t works. In fact it doesn’t appear.

    Is there a solution ?

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  • Not if you’re using more than one loop on pages etc. For some reason that breaks the next/previous nav. I sure wish it didn’t, too!

    I only use one loop… so what’s up doc ?

    here is my page :

    I would have a nav between each pages when inside… it seems simple on paper but impossible in fact.

    Well, Pages aren’t posts. In other words, they’re not sequential.

    One option might be to just add the Next || Prev links at the bottom of the page manually. Or in custom Page templates. I vaguely recall seeing a plugin that might do something like this, but darned if I recall where.

    It can’t be made by hand because it will be manage by people who don’t know anything to html…

    Is there a way to pass over the problem with the order number ? (Pages are ordered by a number in the admin panel, perhaps a nav between these numbers can be imaginated ?

    Another big problem when you use wp_list_pages like me is that the pages with level 1 are links (see : but there is nothing (or near) inside.

    I would prefer to have only subpages like links and pages with level 1 like normal text. Is there a way ?

    It will be more intuitive for navigation (One page, back button, another page, but never click on an empty “title” page). It will be more clean than now, even next/previous don’t work.

    Someone have an idea ?

    You might dig through the Plugins lists – seems that I remember a plugin or so that do some of that sort of functionality…. if not exactly what you’re looking for they might be “tweakable” to help.

    Sorry to post again but I have another idea : is there a way to parameter wp_list_pages to have, when you read a childpage, under the texte, the list of all other chilpages of the mother page ?

    here :

    Can I have at the end of the page the automatic list of the other pages at the same level witch belong to the same mother page ? It could be a great nav system, isn’t it ?

    Now that one I *know* has a plugin or code. Probably here in the forums. Try searching for something like “child pages” or “parent child page”. Something along those lines.

    I can’t find.

    I always fall on this :

    but I’m not even understand what it makes. Explanations are so complicated that I have forgot the start of the sentence when I reach the end. English isn’t my mother tongue and I have read again and again without any light. Perhaps it’s too late in Paris tonight.

    Searching here in the forums will get lots of hits… Have a look at this post:
    I think it’s what you want to do?

    I try to have a list of sister pages only under the content of a page. The hard thing is that I’m on this page thanks to a wp_list_pages… I think there is no solution. I have seen the topic you have show to me but nothing appears when I try his solution.
    Thanks anyway. I’m fed up whith this. Too old to spent so much time on computer screen.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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