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  • I’m using WordPress 3.4 and the Twenty Eleven theme with a few tweaks from the theme editor. I’m in the process of building a child theme, but that’s not done yet.

    Anyway, I’ve started using post formats, and for me half the point of asides was to have posts without subjects. However, the ephemera widget shows a blank subject line that isn’t clickable at all, something like this:

    * Testing asides

    The comment link is of course clickable, but the widget just doesn’t look as pretty.

    The recent posts show the subject of the aside as 1978, the post number. Any way to add something like (untitled) or (no subject) to the widget for posts with no subject? I could see this being handy for statuses and other very short posts.

    Incidentally but less pressing, is there a way to remove asides from the recent posts widget?

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