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  • I just did the upgrade to 3.1 and am now noticing that any post that has a comment, the right sidebar gets pushed to the bottom.. so I’m thinking theme problem right? WRONG! the problem occurs in 3 different themes, including stock untouched Twenty Ten 1.2 which I believe was automagically added when I upgraded.

    Possibly this issue existed before I upgraded and I simply didn’t notice it, either way, the problem seems to be in the underlying WP comment code rather than style sheets and theme files.. why else would every theme be affected ?

    I’d really hate to export all the posts, do a clean install and import, especially since I suspect the problem will still be there.

    Is any other options ?

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  • BINGO ! In an act of utter desperation I started disabling plugins, refreshing, if the problem still exists, re-enable it and disable the next..

    After I disabled “Simple Bookmarking” posts with comments no longer caused the right side bar to be pushed down… maybe it needs an extra closing div tag or something, not sure.. but I am grateful I don’t have to wipe it and start over \o/ YAY !

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