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  • I want to start using my site for something more useful than what I have in the past (which was just a blog of pointless posts that didn’t really matter). So, I want to use my site for some specific things… hobbies basically, but I’m not sure how to accomplish finding the information after it has been posted for awhile and been pushed down the blog pages with newer posts. I was never big on “tagging” posts in the past and I could go back through and tag things from the past to bring some organization to my site before I get started. I’m not sure how to best explain what i mean other than give examples. So one thing I have in mind are my homebrewing logs… basically each batch has a page that I record what was done to reproduce results and try new things. However, in a few years, how do I go back and find this information when other posts are interemixed if you do them as posts instead of pages? Also, I would want a drop down list or page of all similar topic items to see an archive essentially. I guess I think about sites that use wordpress for recipes, sometimes you never know what the site even has on it so how do you know what to search for. I just want a list so I can go back and find stuff I know I posted without having to search.

    So, I guess my question, if I start tagging posts with similar items like “brew log” or “product review” or “whatever”, is there a good plug-in that can be used with the menu system so I can click “brew log” from the menu and get a list of all items with that tag? I would also want sort options. Maybe I want to see the “brew log” items by date posted, but “product review” posts I want to see listed in alphabetical order.

    I assume others have figured out a good way to handle this so I would appreciate any suggestions. I think the answer is a good menu plugin and post everything as a post… otherwise the only option I see are creating pages and a page that i have to update manually as the menu (or table of content) but this method seems like a lot of work and then the content never hits my main page as a post.

    Thanks in advance.

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  • You can do this using categories. You will see under “Posts” in your dashboard “Categories”. If you assign Categories to your posts then you can display posts with a certain category once you have gone back and assigned categories to your posts.

    One way to do it is to create a menu item. You will see on the left hand side of your edit menus page an option called “Category”. Open that up and you will see the Categories you created. Then you can create what is called an “Archive Page” of all your posts in a certain category.

    You can also do this with tags but tags are more general than categories.

    Cheers, Stacy

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