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    Okay, very new to WordPress and this whole blogging thing.
    Here’s the link to my site:

    Here’s my question:
    Eventually, I want to have blog posts (I assume this will be done by clicking on posts and typing to my heart’s content, then sharing it with the world)… as if they care, haha.

    I also want to do book reviews and have them post/link under my review tab. Would I build a new page and put it under the review tab for every book review? Or would I make a post, include a book review, and some how link that under reviews?

    The problem with doing posts… is if someone is looking at my blog, I don’t want book reviews to be in the mix. Is there a way to separate the posts?


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    Well there’s several ways to handle this (as always!).

    The easiest is to categorize your posts – assign each post a category. Then you can allow users to search/filter your posts by category.

    So you could have posts in the category ‘Blog’ and you could have book review posts in a category called ‘Book Review’.

    This approach would be the easiest from a new user perspective but it does mean if someone views your “posts” page (in deafult WordPress setups this is your homepage) they would see all your posts (which you stated you didn’t want).

    That leads to another way which is to create a Custom Post Type. So Posts is a post-type, Pages is another post-type, but you can also create and register your own custom post types with WordPress as well.

    The pros of this approach is that you can manage these different post-types as their own “data objects” inside of WordPress and create your own theme template pages to display these posts any which way you’d like.

    The downside is that you will need to be comfortable with PHP coding and know something about how WordPress works in the backend to make the most of custom post types.

    There are also many plugins in the WordPress plugin repository that provide a user interface for creating, registering and managing custom post types inside of WordPress (so less PHP coding needed).



    I agree you will need to be familiar with things if you go the route of custom post types. This is the best way to go though. If you do a Google search for custom post types book reviews, you should find at least one site with files to help you with this.



    WordPress can be a little confusing. One thing to start off with is to know that you can create categories for posts, but not for pages. The term ‘page’ is somewhat vague here. Most people will think of a page as a web page. For example, you may want an ‘About this site’ page that people can get info on you and why you built the site. You can create a ‘page’ just for your ‘About this site’, or, you could create the same thing using a post and creating a category called ‘About’ which would only have that one post associated with it. Since the content on that web page wouldn’t change often, making it a ‘page’ rather than a post would be the common thing to do. But, you can’t assign a ‘page’ to a category.

    A ‘page’ really is more of a structural device than a content device. If I were you, I would create two categories, one called ‘blog’, and another called ‘reviews’.



    Thanks everyone, for the support!

    It sounds like I will be going the easy route and simply categorizing the posts to distinguish between a regular BLOG post and a BOOK REVIEW post.

    So, obviously if someone goes to the blog page all posts will be visible.

    How do I get the book review posts to show under the Book Review tab? I’m guessing I would just link them… but I’m not sure I want someone to click on the book review tab and just see a ton of links.

    Any suggestions?

    I guess I like how this site does it:

    Though, I’m not sure how many pages it is linked.. or exactly how to do that. Haha.



    You need to use category items in a custom menu – do you have that set up?



    I don’t think I have that set up yet actually. How do I go about that?



    First set up the categories –

    Then assign those categories to the relevant posts –

    And add category items to your custom menu –

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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