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  • EEK! I just found a post that was blank. It is an old post. It was there a few weeks ago but then today the content was gone but the comments were still there. I recovered it from a backup copy so no harm done but that was scary!

    1) How do I prevent this?

    2) How do I find all blank posts?

    3) What happened?

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    Since it’s now impossible to say how it happened, it’s equally impossible to provide you with any advice on how to prevent it from happening again beyond the general:

    1. Always use the latest version of WordPress

    2. Check that any plugins you intend to use are documented as compatible with your version of WordPress before you install them.

    3. Use themes from a reputable source and, again, update them as soon as new versions are available.

    4. Backup regularly.

    I’m behind by 0.01 (1%) on the version but this hasn’t happened for two months before that during which I’ve been running that version so I have a hard time believing that is an issue. I haven’t changed that.

    I haven’t been installing new plugins and the ones I have were documented as compatible and installed through WordPress.

    I’m using TwentyTen so that’s a reputable theme and it was installed with WordPress at the time of install so that is a reputable source.

    I do backup, praise the chron and my paranoia.

    Any other ideas?

    Any ideas on how to find all blank posts? I would like to look somehow to see if this has happened to any others.



    I have been spot checking through my old posts (the vanished one was old) and have not found any other blank posts. If anyone knows of a way to “find all posts of length less than X characters” that would be most appreciated. That would find the if there are any other blanks.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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