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  • Hi everyone.

    I have a customer site which is pretty large with thousands of posts and many visits. the site also has a number of plugins installed allowing it to be fully featured.

    The site is hosted on a dedicated linux box (of course) but experiences a very annoying problem. Periodically, the posts table crashes and all posts are blank, leaving the site an empty shell. no error messages, just empty holes where the posts should be.

    sure, I can fix this by repairing the table by phpMyAdmin – which I do regularly, and by this – I mean every 3-4 days – because the table has crashed again.

    I am running wp optimize plugin on a schedule to ensure that tables are purged and optimized regularly.

    so a few questions if you dont mind.:

    1) what could be causing this
    2) is it possible to log what happens when this crash happens
    3) how can I prevent it

    your help is very much appreciated as mentioned, this is a customer site that receives a lot of traffic due to the nature of the industry – and regularly I have a call saying “ITS ALL GONE – AAHHH, MY SITE IS BLANK!”


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