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    I’m wanting to change from XOOPS to WP, see here

    Am currently using a XOOPS module that is ‘WP within XOOPS’, and it seems to work okay. Noticed the posts are auto-incrementing, and each time a post gets edited or a draft, etc, etc, the ID increments. So, the database table gets bloated with all the extra rows in that table. I know there is a plugin get get rid of the garbage – wp-optimize, but is there a method to simply have posts increment by a value of one, for each post, and NOT have all the drafts, edits, etc, that fill up the table ?

    Just wondering if there is anything in the development side of things for the posts table ??

    I don’t use comments and don’t intend to, but possibly there are other tables that are related to the posts table, and use the ‘post id’.

    There is a plugin called WordPress Importer, so that could be used to import the posts table.

    The objective is to simply have post #1, then next post is post #2 , etc,etc

    Can it be done, or is there a development on the back burner possibly ?


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  • The wp_posts table is used for attachments, custom post types, menu items, pages, posts and revisions (and possibly others), so there is little chance of having sequential post IDs.

    You can limit the number of revisions by following the instructions here.

    Thanks for the information on the posts table and how it relates to other tables. That link was good, it had a link to Revision Management

    I guess if I continually cleaned up the posts table, removing everything except actual posts, then at the point of adding a new post, I can add some code to simply add one to the highest post ID, and make that the new post. Seems simple but it may affect the auto save.

    Seems it would be easier to just have the posts in the posts table, and have the revisions, auto saves, auto drafts, etc in another table. Can’t say I like the way the database has been designed, in respect to the posts.

    See this post , on how I addressed the issues of the posts table.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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