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  • When we updated to version 1.09 on 12/8 our server crashed due to heavy load caused by the Object Cache. Not sure if it was the plugin, but it was the only thing I changed that day.

    We disabled object cache on the server and things were fine. But since then no posts have updated their stats. I’ve updated the plugin to 1.10 earlier today but the stats for all the recent posts after 12/8 when we installed 1.09 are still showing as zero.

    Jetpack Stats are tracking fine and all three connections are green in the settings page. Our site is large and has over 6000 posts.

    Any help would be appreciated! Thanks,

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  • Plugin Author Steven Lambert


    Version 1.0.9 added 4 different post meta to each post. This might be the cause of the Object Cache issue, especially since you have 6000 posts. I’ve been debating for some time now if I wanted to add that much post meta to each post, and in the end decided that it would allow much more flexibility to the plugin and users.

    There is a known issue with Jetpack in that they set a limit on the number of posts returned from their API to 500. I haven’t worked out a good strategy for how to make multiple calls to their service to get more posts since they don’t provide a very good way to do so. Because of this, I’m not sure how your stats were updating previously since you have so many.

    Another thing:

    The post views column on the posts page is not updating. It seems as though (with the most recent update) the jetpack-post-views meta field is not appending to saving to posts. (only jetpack-post-views-Day, jetpack-post-views-Week, jetpack-post-views-Month, and jetpack-post-views-Year, are)

    It was working fine for most of the year until I upgraded to ver 1.09. Would it work to revert back to 1.08?

    Would it be possible to just limit it to the last 500 posts or to posts in the last month. Most older posts would not need to be updated for a widget display of current top posts?

    Is there an option to not add this post meta to the posts?

    Any advice on what to do? Does this plugin just not work with more than 500 posts?


    Plugin Author Steven Lambert


    It’s not that it doesn’t work if you have more than 500 posts, it just that I can only grab 500 posts period. I can’t even guarantee which posts will be updated.

    You can see for yourself what is happening if you go to /wp-content/plugins/jetpack-post-views.php and at the top (line 65) change $DEBUG = false to $DEBUG = true. Then go to the Jetpack Post Views settings page and at the bottom will be displayed everything that is being returned from the Jetpack API, and what each post is being updated (or not updated) with.

    Thanks Steven. I appreciate the response and the great plugin.

    For now, I switched to the default Jetpack Top Posts & Pages widget which seems to work, though it’s not as flexible or customizable. I’ll keep an eye on the plugin to see if it’s able to get more than 500 posts in the future.


    I was trying to uninstall the plugin, but after about 20 seconds it just stalls and goes to a white screen. We also tried to uninstall it on a staging environment with all other plugins deactivated and got the same whitescreen so it seems to be an issue with the actual plugin code.

    Do you know the best way to uninstall the plugin and clean the database?

    Plugin Author Steven Lambert


    Well I was hoping I fixed the uninstall script. Can you check your error logs to see if it is throwing any errors?

    If you have access to PHPMyAdmin, you could do it that way, though I wouldn’t recommend it unless you’re familiar with MySQL.

    I tried it again and am not seeing any errors in the error logs.

    I do have access to phpMyAdmin. Could you post or point me to a list of the tables or fields that are added so I can try and delete them manually?

    Plugin Author Steven Lambert


    If you have phpMyAdmin, you can go to the wp_postmeta table and type in this command:

    DELETE FROM wp_postmeta
    WHERE meta_key LIKE ‘jetpack-post-views%’

    This will clean up all post meta from the database.

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