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  1. vizz
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    The idea is to create multiple visual modifiers to "Post" Templates, based on the status(es) of the post.

    I have 3 Cats: Chairs, Desks, Sofas
    I have 3 Statuses: featured, popular,
    I have 3 Presentation modes: review, promotion, rambling

    Someone views a single post ( or the listing of multiple posts) that happens to belong to each of .: Desks, Featured, Review -- Id like to give the visitor visual feedback that the article shes viewing belongs to said categories (all 3 of them).

    (Id like to keep tagging to generate keywords). Id like to avoid manually creating a billion categories as well such as cats-desk-featured-review :)

    So the question is: what would be - the - straightforward way in WP of building such setup?

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