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  • Wanting to use the posts function of WP to insert a few hundred articles, each on its own page. Problem is, in the present site (written in ColdFusion), there are a mix of external links, pdfs and actual blog posts.

    Take a look here: and scroll down (items without icons are actual posts, not links or pdfs).

    Wanting to know if there is a plugin or other component which will allow this same style of ordering. What I want to avoid is putting an external URL or pdf link inside the editor (so that the user doesn’t have to click two or three times). I would consider something like advanced custom fields, but don’t know that’s a good solution.

    Thanks for your help.

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  • Short answer: yes this is very doable.

    Slightly longer answer:
    I’m not going to go into how exactly to do everything because ultimately this should be determined by you and your project needs. I would approach this by looking at the data from your site and identifying it’s structure. So from a cursory look at your site I see a good use case for using custom post types (CPT) with custom meta fields. The Pods plugin and Advanced Custom Fields, or Custom Field Suite plugins will be useful in setting up and managing these custom post types.

    OR you could use a standard “post” type, and use the Category taxonomy to differentiate between external links, PDFs, and actual blog posts. You would still need custom meta fields for this as well I think. You’ll want to use something like Advanced Custom Fields or Custom Field Suite plugins to manage those custom meta fields.

    Once you have the post/custom post type data structure down, you can then get into how to build a theme template file to display all these posts in the particular order you need. You will want to learn about the wp_query class and how it works in WordPress. See With this class you can set up a view to display any number of post types in whatever order you need or want.

    Finally you can use a plugin like Custom Content Shortcodes to help build customized queries and display custom meta data via WordPress shortcodes all within an existing theme without having to edit/modify theme files.

    Anyway, hope this helps!

    Thanks for your insights on this!

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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