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    Everytime I add a post it shows up under both pages I created
    I have different categories for both however click a the tabs where the new post are and all of them are showing up
    Current is Responsive

    Please help me learn so I may one day be able to help someone else

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  • Hi,
    I don’t understand exactly what is going on, you created 2 pages, are you using the same template for both pages? have you created 2 templates for the pages also? does your current theme give you options of selecting different categories for pages with same template?
    help us help you, give more info.

    I have one website however both deals tabs list all of the postings.
    I’ve only installed Responsive theme
    Page templates are the same

    (no parent)

    Blog (Full posts)


    I’m A very New User

    Responsive theme from themeforest? if yes that is a premium theme this means members don’t have access to that theme(or some few only) at this point I don’t know if having posts from different categories is an option of that theme and if there is some setting in the theme that you need to adjust or if there is something else, best thing to do, ask for help on theme forest.
    If other changes need to be made(usually if this wouldn’t be a premium theme…) we would have to have a look a the templates that are available and see if you need to change the page template or if there needs to be a parameter pass to the template or if there is a query that doesn’t query the correct thing.
    It’s not from themeforest
    The theme was free I’m not sure if something else makes it premium

    Well, you really need to specify your problem better.

    Are you customizing your core template files by coding?

    What do you mean by “both pages I created”? Do you create them in wp-admin or do you make your custom templates for this pages? (If you are new in WP then i doubt it)

    Becouse – just by add new pages – how you display posts on that pages? When you create just page, you don’t have loop to display posts by default – you need to add shortcode to it.

    I think what you are talking about are archives, not pages. If you want to display all posts from particular category, you want link to that category (for which WP automatically creates an archive) not to page.

    You need to learn WP anatomy (here is nice infograpic).

    Of course, your theme may have different rules – if so, then why don’t you contact support for that theme?

    I want to help you, but i need to know more.

    I didn’t make any custom templated for these pages.

    I create both pages by using add new page in wp-admin.
    I then added them to the menu
    Then I created categories matching the names

    I think I may be confused that by clicking which category it will put it on that page because they have the same name.

    “I think what you are talking about are archives, not pages. If you want to display all posts from particular category, you want link to that category (for which WP automatically creates an archive) not to page.”

    Maybe I’m I’m trying to archive the posts to they’ll be displayed in the right deals topic.

    I think I need to short code it as you mentioned

    Thank you for the help you’ve given to me too! I’m Still confused a little bit however you’re pointing me in the right direction and I appreciate all the help I can get. 🙂

    When I say new to wordpress I mean 5 days & first web page ever.OUCH

    matching the page name with the category name won’t make the page display posts from that category only!
    The simple way of doing it at this point would be:
    1) delete the pages you have created, they won’t help
    2) go to Appearance->Menus in the left bottom corner you should see the categories, add them to the menu,the theme will take care of the rest
    *in Appearance-> menus there is a very very small chance to have things grayed out if that is the case let us know!

    Thank You
    That created Archive for Both Kinds of deals separately with them in the right location.
    Now when You scroll thru the photos are and information is gone you have to click the title each time. I’m guess thats just the style of the template.

    More work to do and things to figure out and the both of you have helped me out quite a bit. So thank you very much!!!!

    Thank You Both

    Yeah, you are at right direction 🙂

    Glad to be helpful. You are right that how are posts display on archive pages is directed by template. You can modify it, but it is necessary to edit core template files. But that is another topic.

    Good luck to you, WP really is awesome way to make rich webs with great administration.

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