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  • I’m having problems with my posts shifting to the bottom of the screen where the sidebar ends on Internet Explorer. I know other Rin Theme users have had this problem. Their support forum hasn’t turned up much. I’ve tried fixing bad code but just can’t seem to beat it. Any ideas? I am quite the novice…

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  • Your content is too wide for the “container” in which your sidebar and content reside, hence why your content is forced down the page. Or, conversely, your sidebar…

    If you study the page carefully (ie6), you can actually see the content “container” sitting just under your sidebar (at the bottom) and overlaps slightly.

    Using FF Web Develop Tools I changed the background colors in your div containers to see where your content sits in the scheme of things.

    Try narrowing your #content from width: 500px; to 490px; and see if it sits better in IE6. If it does, keep tweaking (increasing) the px until you break it. Drop back 1px or 2px until it fits again. Then you have the right width.

    I’m having problems with my posts shifting to the bottom of the screen where the sidebar ends on Internet Explorer.


    #sidebar, #content { overflow-x: hidden;}

    in IE and see if it works.

    I too am having problems with my sidebar shifting to the bottom of the page (only in IE). Like Katie1 says in her post. I wondered if she(katie1)/anyone can take a look at mine ( and see what the problem is? To me, it looks like my post text is to wide, therefore pushing the sidebar down. I would be willing to send monies (via paypal or however you like) if you/someone could help me out. Also, can send css sheets, if you like. I tried the above fix from Sam_a (#sidebar, #content { overflow-x: hidden;}) and i don’t have this in my css sheets. Thanks for any help!!

    Thanks for the replies unfortunately narrowing the content doesn’t work. In IE the content looks the same no matter how small I make it. The other code fix had no effect. Hmmm…
    I also noticed the content gets more increasingly narrow as you scroll down the page.

    @ Carnold,
    It seems to me, you have to put youre content a little smaller. Youre container is 690px and youre content 455px youre singlecol 550px. Play a little with that i quess.

    Download FireFox, and the developertool so you can easly work!

    Just to keep the post honest, I have since conversed with carnold via email (no donations of money accepted), and he’s fixed his sidebar issues/problems.


    @ Katie1,
    Ive been taking a look at it yesterday, and today again. Now its looking ok! Lastnight it was a total different story, so i dont think the post wasnt honest, or may I not understand that way of speaking correct?

    I’m having the same problem as carnold with my sidebar shifting down when I make new posts. I have tried changing a lot of things but can’t figure it out. Could someone please help me too? I’m new to WordPress and am kind of lost. Any help is appreciated. T hank you.

    P.S. My site is located at

    I’m am also having the same problem. It is with all my themes that have a sidebar to the right,the sidebar goes down to the bottom. The odd thing is that it only does it on my homepage. When I go to an entry on it’s on, the sidebar is right where it should be. I’ve played around with the sizes of each box, but nothing worked. I have no clue on how to fix it. 🙁

    my site is

    Yes, i “think” my sidebar issues are fixed (altho safari still seems to not like it). Katie1 was a huge help!!
    @faithy i am not sure if this will be your problem but mine was code problems (most of them). I can only suggest what Katie1 suggested to me, which was: backup your theme. Then delete it from the wordpress directory (not the backup theme). Download and extract the same untouched theme to your wordpress/themes folder. 1 at a time, install your modifications. After you install 1 mod, goto and type in your URL. This will validate your markup. If it fails, clean up the failures and validate again. When it passes, install your 2nd mod, goto and type in your URL. This will validate your markup, and so on.
    This community has been a BIG help to me and i thank all of them for their help. There are some great people here that are willing to help! Hope this helps. Oh yea, my header pic was also effecting the page/sidebar. Be sure to make your custom header pic the exact same size as the original one.


    Something weird is going on with your site. Viewed by IE6, it renders black background, white foreground with white cat header image.

    In FireFox, it renders black background, black foreground and white cat image.

    Keeping it honest
    I meant by that I had spoken to carnold.

    I just had a quick peek at your site, and it comes up with 1 error & 47 warnings. If you validate your page it might cure your sidebar issues.

    In particular is a closed div here:

    <div class="post" id="post-105">
    <h2 class=”posttitle”><a href="" title="Permanent link toWhat the hell?!">What the hell?!</a></h2>
    <p class="commentmeta"> February 4th, 2006 by chelsea at 12:13 pm (<a href="" title="View all posts in that's life" rel="category tag">that's life</a>, <a href="" title="View all posts in grr" rel="category tag">grr</a>, <a href="" title="View all posts in work" rel="category tag">work</a>)</p>
    <div />

    <div>So our TV is not working! It hasn’t been working

    hope that helps.

    Thank you so much! That was so weird.. I just deleted that post and it went back to normal. Thank you again! 🙂

    Im having a problem with
    Sidebar is going down and header and footer are off …please help!

    anyone struggling with the fact that Internet Explorer *isn’t* very compliant with css standards may wish to ease their grief considerably by visiting It requires javascript, but fixes practically everything that is wrong about how IE displays your pages.

    Sorry to bring this off-topic, but Manstraw it doesn’t matter how much you tweak IE to make it standards compliant, the fact is that the majority of people going to whatever site still use IE, and we can’t modify everyone elses IE installation.

    Faithy your site works fine with me in FF & IE.

    I think most people should be able to debug their sidebar issues by carefully deleting a few sidebar objects at a time to work out the exact problem by process of elimination. Just make a backup of the file before you start cutting/saving/pasting/resaving stuff.

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