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  • This may be an incompatibility with BuddyPress Group Extras, but I’m not sure. It had seemed to me that the post initially showed, but it’s possible it didn’t and I thought it did because I just looked after the post was submitted. I installed the two plugins the same day.

    Have you tried disabling the Group Extras addon and trying again to see if this is indeed a conflict?

    Yes I just did. And this is not the problem. So it’s not a conflict with Groups Extras… The behaviour remains without groups Extras.

    Also I had this link that did not turn up the thumbnail after reloading, just some code:

    | Extraenvironmentalist’ image=’’]

    Can you provide a link to where this plugin is being used so i can take a look and see what is happening for myself?

    Yes, you would probably need to be registered to actually try it. Try the New test group it’s public.

    It seems to me that the general activity appearance is solved now. Not sure how it happened. Maybe because I reactivated BPAP again, after BPGE? I wouldn’t see why though…

    The site has been experiencing strange behaviors after this activation/reactivation thing. Some lost forum posts have been reported as well as strange html in forum posts.

    Strange, but I’m glad to hear you got it sorted.

    Hi coming back to this.

    I think actually it got solved because I changed the group from private to public to enable you or someone else to join etc. The private groups activity doesn’t seem to aggregate. But public groups do.

    Actually what makes groups private or public is not that they are visible or not but the fact that they require approval to join. Other than that their activity is visible to anyone so should be aggregated and visible to all.

    Not sure what happens with hidden groups. My assumption is that they should be aggregated at all levels but visible to their members only. Not sure how the plugin handles this.

    Our plugin shouldn’t affect this behaviour. This is the core behaviour of BuddyPress and our plugin simply augments BuddyPress using it’s own systems. We don’t replace the posting system at all.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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