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  1. Matt Bakaitis
    Posted 8 years ago #

    I've been having an unusual problem. I usually edit my posts in the browser. I hit "Save and Continue Editing" when I make big changes to a post. Autosave message flashes regularly. I use the preview function to see how the posts will look to the reader and see what I wrote when I do this...

    I started traveling about two weeks ago and have been blogging from the road. About every second day or so, I write a post, save it, check it in preview and leave thinking all is well. When I come back later in the day, the post has reverted to an earlier version.

    This is disturbing because (a) I saw the saved version in the preview and in the edit window after I hit the "save" button and (b) I'm working in the editor so I don't have a local copy.

    Any ideas on what could be happening? After it happened a second time, I got really careful with keeping only one browser window open, manually hitting the save button, and so on. I am fairly certain I've eliminated the most likely sources of user (my) error.

    Since I'm traveling, perhaps there's something else going on? I can't imagine a cache being in-between somehow because I see the updated pages after I save...but maybe something is there? Could I be having a database update issue?

    Any advice is appreciated. I can give additional information, too...

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