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  • First read using this information.

    If you can’t decode your own encrypted themes using this information and still want to use one rather than pick from the thousands of themes that don’t have obfuscated code in them, please post your request for decryption in here, and maybe someone will help you out.


    • Code should be place into a pastebin, not into this thread.
    • Decoding the theme does not guarantee safety from malicious code.
    • Seperate decoding threads will be closed.
    • Best practice is to avoid such websites that distribute malicious code in themes (most of them just provide ripped knockoff themes, why trust these people?)
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  • Here’s a tip. Something anyone using WordPress should live by…

    If you download a WordPress theme or plugin that has obfuscated code in it, don’t use it. Delete it. Use something else.

    Support developers who don’t obfuscate their code and always download your themes or plugins from reputable sources such as the WordPress repository or directly from the premium theme or premium plugin developer.

    Also keep in mind, WordPress GPL licensing debate aside, if a theme or plugin you are obfuscated is not released under the GPL and was released under a non-GPL license… you could be violating their license agreement by de-obfuscating it and using to facilitate that license violation.

    @atul1280 – You might want to check and see if is available for use as your current domain violates the WordPress trademark –

Viewing 3 replies - 106 through 108 (of 108 total)
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