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    First read this information.

    Seriously, READ THAT THREAD BEFORE POSTING HERE. That thread will give you details on how to decrypt these sort of things yourself. Almost everything posted here has been something that could have been easily decrypted by simply reading that post.

    We recommend that you do not use encrypted themes. Encryption is often used to insert malicious code. Decoding part of an encrypted theme does not mean that it is all clean. If you choose to use an encrypted theme, it is at your own risk.

    If your theme has been posted under a non-GPL license, it may be against the terms of the theme to attempt to decode it or to have someone else decode it for you.

    If you can’t decode your own encrypted themes using this information and still want to use one rather than pick from the thousands of themes that don’t have obfuscated code in them, post your request for decryption in here, and maybe someone will help you out.


    • Code should be place into a pastebin, not into this thread.
    • Decoding the theme does not guarantee safety from malicious code.
    • Seperate decoding threads will be closed.
    • Best practice is to avoid such websites that distribute malicious code in themes (most of them just provide ripped knockoff themes, why trust these people?)
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Viewing 15 replies - 196 through 210 (of 448 total)
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