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  • georgebizpro


    Okay so I have a client’s website which basically has a page template for the home page, a blog post page, a full-width page, and an interior page/practice area page.

    It’s a lawyer’s site and all of the practice area pages use the practice area page template.

    In the blog, we use categories which, for the most part, directly match up in name to the practice area pages. So, if we write a child custody post, we also have a child custody practice area page.

    How can we, without creating an individual page template for each practice area, going in and changing each of the page templates, and then assigning a category-specific posts widget to each page template, get the posts from a specific category to show up on that corresponding practice area page?

    So whenever a visitor is on the child custody page, they see blog posts related to that particular practice area in the sidebar (I know that there are widgets out there that allow us to put a footer shortcode on each page so they show up after the content, but I think I would like for them to be in the sidebars…). Any thoughts?

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  • John


    It’s possible that this will fit your needs. It is a plugin which provides logical conditions to decide what widgets appear. In order to avoid creating custom category page templates, you are going to have to set logical conditions on which instance of several category archive widgets is going to display on each particular page.

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