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    When I make a post it is showing up on my “Blog” page like it is suppost to. But it is also showing up on my “Coupons” page and it should not be. And I dont want it to show up on my coupon page. Why would this be happening. In Settings: Reading Setting: I have “Blog” as posts page, so that should be the only place new posts are showing up?

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  • WordPress doesn’t have ‘Coupons’ by default, that should be some theme feature (or plugin) that is listing posts and doesn’t have the correct loop that works for your scenario.

    “Coupons” and “Blog” are pages I created in my twentyeleven theme….. Posts should only be showing up on the page I post them too…..but for some reason it is posting on my blog page and coupon page…….Can anyone help me with this, Please

    Can you link your site??

    The home page doesn’t seem to be listing blog posts at all, the only one listing them is the Coupons. Can you verify again the Reading settings and try to save them again to the other page? Looks like your blog page is Coupons.

    Also, can you rename the Coupons page, maybe some plugin or something applies a page template for this title.

    Check what plugin or theme includes this unwanted fdunctionality

    My “Home” page is a static page. All my posts show up on my “Blog” page. nofearinc….I checked my settings and I have posts going to my “Blog” page, which is how I want it. I changed the name of “Coupon” page but that didn’t help. But they are still showing up on the “Coupon” page. I hope someone can help me with this.

    Ok, since I cannot access your install, things are a little confusing. Why do you have blog posts loading into a coupon “page” that you created? Really you don’t need a page to do this, you just create a Coupon category and then when you create posts assign them to that category. And then will load the posts just from that category. (you’d have to delete the page and empty it out of the trash so that the /coupon slug becomes available)

    As far as I know, unless you’re using a certain template on your coupon “page” that allows you to choose which category of blog posts to show up on it (I haven’t used WordPress default themes in a long time so I do not know if it is possible with them, but other themes like Genesis child themes allow this), then I’m not sure how you’re accomplishing that. Can you make sure that the template for the coupon “page” is using the default template?

    I do see you have /category/coupons which is loading your /coupon post about Walmart… is that what is supposed to be showing up on the /coupons page?

    As of right now I have not put anything on the coupon page except a sidebar. So that should be the only thing showing up there. I do need and want my coupon page because I will be listing coupons there. Nevertheless my blog posts should not be sowing up there! I really need help with this pleas.

    Ok I guess I found my own solution. With the help of
    I guess wordpress does not allow you to create pages and only post to certain ones. Instead of creating pages you have to create catagories, add them to you Menu and then you can choose where you would like your post’s to show up! hank you self for figuring this out!

    Yes, that is what I was meaning above. Pages are for any direct content you want on a page. For blog posts they need a category to go under not a page. I apologize if I wasn’t clear enough in my reply, I’m glad you were able to figure it out. =)

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