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    Thank you for great theme 🙂
    I have problem with posts picture alignment. I am using this code:
    /*Picture settings*/
    .post .tc-content {float: right;}
    .post .tc-thumbnail {float: left;}

    But pictures still wont align correctly.
    Thanks in advance!

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  • Hi domazone,
    what you need is this snippet, especially “Move all images to left” or “Move all images to right” parts.

    I am using float function, but pictures still wont line up :/ There is small, but noticable difference.

    Hi Domazone,

    I can’t help with picture alignment – I know very little about this sort of detail. But I am using this theme on a website and I notice you have reduced the scrolling banner height. I hope you don’t mind me aking, but how can I do this on my website?

    Thank you for your time


    Just put this code with needed percentage values:

    /* Adjust the Slider Height */
    #customizr-slider.carousel .item {
    height: 50%;
    min-height: 50%;
    line-height: 50%;

    Hi domazone

    Thank you for this, I really appreciate it


    Hi @iancaseley can we set this thread as resolved?
    If you have appreciated the help a review of the theme would be a really appreciated way to say thank you! (you don’t have to of course, just if you feel like it! 😉 )
    Enjoy the theme

    I just realized that you did review the theme a few days ago! Forget my suggestion then and thanks for this great review. Really happy to read that!

    Nikeo, can You help me with picture alignment? Ian asked for advice, which was not the main question.

    You were well & truly hijacked @domazone!

    I can see your problem. Firstly, did you try this Snippet which aligns Images to left or right (as they alternate by default). If that doesn’t work, then come back.

    Yes, i tried both – left and right.
    If i align pictures to left and text to right, then pictures dont align correnctly.
    If i align pictures to right and text to left, then text dont align correnctly.

    Oh yes sorry about that @domazone!
    Here’s a quick snippet that should do the trick.
    In your style.css, change this code :

    .post .tc-thumbnail {
    float: left;

    to this :

    .post .tc-thumbnail {
    float: left;
    margin-left: 0px;

    Looking forward to read your feedback on this and hope this will help!

    That worked great! Many thanks, i have been struggling with this for a while!

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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