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  • Ok let me try to explain what I want to achieve without being too long-winded.
    At the end of the day I want the blog I’m using to have a basic website feel, still be able to post new entries into each category but at the same time keep the first post (per category) to stay at the top.
    I don’t want to show more than the first page in each category but at the top/bottom will be a link to “more” which when clicked will show the rest of the posts in that category.
    I have thought that having the posts show in reverse order might do what I’m trying to achieve but cannot find a way to do this..can it be done in WP?
    just for reference there will only be about 1 post per cat per month
    Basically I’m trying to control the posts into their categories, but am too much of a newbie know if it can be done or weather I should be using something other than WordPress to try to achieve it?
    At the moment I’m using v1.2.1 with it set to “show most recent 1 posts paged” and the “homepage” set as a sticky with Owen Winkler’s Adhesive.
    Any guidance would be appreciated
    The site I’m talking about above is this sailing thing.

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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