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  • bmccullo


    I’ve setup a small photoblog using WP and I want the frontpage to display ONLY the most recent post in a specific category. I’m close to acheiving what I want, but I’m having some troubles.

    This is the code I have in my index.php:

    if (empty($_SERVER['QUERY_STRING'])) {
    $cat = "1";

    this only works as intended if I set Options>>Reading>>Show Most Recen 1 posts paged. But when I set it to ‘posts paged’ it also affects another page on my site…specifically this one. There are actually 13 posts in cat=1, but with posts paged it only displays 1.

    I hope my dilemma is clear enough that someone may have some insight. I tried searching, but didn’t really see anything relevant.

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  • I see you resolved your issue (at least I’m assuming after looking at the link you provided).
    Could I as you for a little help?
    I’m trying to set up a photoblog on a subdomain using WP. I have it set to display the current post (and maybe eventually what ou have I will do but I’m still trying to get familiar with php), I also set it to “paged” what I am trying to sort out is what variable or whatever do I need to put in my link in order to link the pic to the previous post?
    I’ve only got 2 posts right now so I figure it’d be real easy to nail it in the butt now.

    thanx for your time

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