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  • Right now the default for “Post Paged” links is:
    Next Page >>
    On the first page and:
    << Previous Page :: Next Page >>
    On pages after. But Next Page takes you back, when that should happen when you click on Previous Page. It is backwards. Can it be fixed?

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  • Maybe you didn’t notice, but Merriam Webster decided people have had the definitions of Next and Previous mixed up for hundreds of years. It took a while, but they have recently corrected this error.
    Fortunately for you the WordPress developers have been on top of changes to the English language.




    Here’s the block from my index.php for paged navigation:
    <div id="pagination"><?php previous_posts_link('< back'); ?><?php next_posts_link('next >'); ?></div>
    That might help.

    Yes, “NEXT” means the “next set of results”, starting from the first page. “PREV” means the “previous results”, going back to the start. Makes sense in that framework.
    It also depends on your sort order, etc., whether it makes sense in context. 😉

    Where is the best place to put next / prev page links in the template? I have nav on individual posts, but would love it on bulk post pages a well – like the main index and category pages.

    I put it just outside the loop so it shows up at the bottom of each page.

    If you could better define that for me, I’d really appreciate it…

    Thank you! I tried it but got an error on the line in which it was added… also saw that I had added links below each post

    what was the error?

    I’ve grepped for page_navigation() and couldn’t find it the wp source. I was however able to find next_posts_link($text) and previous_posts_link($text). The snippets above (by Skippy) had trouble with html entities.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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