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    Wondering if anyone has encountered this. All of a sudden my posts page returns a 404 page not found. The page exists and my posts are visible but not the actual posts page. If i type the posts are there, yet, is a 404. Ive even created a new page named it posts and set the reading options to posts page = posts, but i get the same 404 error. It seems no page is accepted as the posts page. I am using a theme that I have used on 3 other sites and there is no problem there. Ive even uploaded index.php from the default WP there but still get the 404. So I tried upgrading from 2.3.2 to 2.3.3 – the upgrade went fine but still a 404 for any page set to display posts… anyone have this problem before? Not sure what else to do.



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    Problem solved…seems it was an issue with permalinks. I read here to update my permalinks. I was using: /news/%postname%/ so I changed it to default permalinks then it worked. Then set it back /news/%postname%/ and now it works. Oddly, there is still no htaccess file on my server.

    I have this same problem with WP 2.5.1. I create an empty page and set it to use a template which is a copy of my theme’s index.php (called blog.php, template name Blog). At this time the page shows correctly. Then I set the page as the posts page in the reading settings and start getting my 404 page from that address.

    My WordPress installation is in ~/wordpress and I’ve customized it by copying index.php and .htaccess to the root and updated the URLs as instructed.

    Any ideas?


    Well, it turns out I needed to write and publish an actual post for it to work! 🙂

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