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  • Hi,

    Where is the padding for the posts page? (the page with the circles).
    The dropdown menu enters the page.


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  • Theme Author Caroline Moore


    Not sure which padding you’re referring to — the #masthead has some, but I would check out a browser addon like Firebug ( and use it to Inspect your site, it will allow you to see which element(s) have padding.

    Thanks for your answer Caroline.
    I want the circles in the posts page to go a little lower on the screen so the dropdown menu will not interfere with them.


    in a few words

    #masthead is for the header
    ????? is for the posts page?

    thanks in advance

    Theme Author Caroline Moore


    You can add padding to any of the surrounding divs to increase that space, it doesn’t really matter which one. Again, I suggest inspecting the source and experimenting with it to get the effect you desire. Good luck!

    After a week of inspection I cannot find the way to move the circles lower so they will not mess with the header menu when I add more submenu items. So I would appreciate if someone point me where is the place to add padding so I can move the circles lower.

    Thanks in advance

    Theme Author Caroline Moore


    Adding padding to #masthead worked for me. Alternatively, targeting just the blog page would use .blog #masthead.

    Or .blog #main, or .blog #primary — adding padding to any of those should work as well.

    No matter what I do, no matter what I try, no matter at what point I add things… the circles are UNMOVABLE! There are somehow locked. I was able to move the other pages lower, change all masterheads, expand the header, change the opacities… do a bunch of changes BUT NOT at the post pages. You may see it here

    This is what I’ve been trying to do with my header but each drop down interferes with another below. How did you spread the headings out and only have headers in the top line instead of two?

    Also, how do I get my pages to appear in a column on the side – I’ve tried to add a widget but this is not making it visible.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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