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  • Hello everyone,

    I’m helping out with the management of my local newspaper’s WordPress backend. They just have a basic blog right now, but there’s a major problem with it: the posts don’t display in the correct order when you click “Older Entries”, visit an author’s page, or browse a category or tag.

    After messing around a bit, I found out that there is a solution to the problem, but it’s not convenient for the end user. On the site’s classifieds page I noticed that ?offset=10 was added to the URL. I wondered what would happen if I changed this to 0, so I did and order was restored. The same thing happens when I apply the extra parameter to the main page. But why should that be necessary?

    I want to know what the permanent fix for this problem is. Has anyone even encountered it before? It just seems like a very strange problem that may have to do with a plugin, server cache, or specific jQuery in the body. I’m not an advanced Web developer so I need some assistance here.

    Thanks everyone!

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  • Could be server Cache but I think that the param of offset being in the url is something custom, At least I have never heard of it working there. You best bet I think would to be to check out the theme files and see how the loop if being called. You may be able to remove the offset query all together there (Assuming that this is using a default WordPress loop and not a plugin).

    Do you have any plugins that are for pagination?

    Looks like we had a category sorting plugin enabled and it was reordering things. All is well now, thanks so much Justin!

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