• Hey Guys,

    i have a problem with the Access to Posts.

    In the Link you can see different Example Posts – for example “Hello World” and “Blogging”.

    My Problem: The POSTS (I don´t mean PAGES!) are only accessible to Logged In Users. But i didnt set any setting for this. Ultimate Member thinks this is a normal page and sends the users to the “Kein Zutritt” Page. This Page was created only for some real PAGES not POSTS.

    In this example i added the “Hello World” Site to the List of excluded Pages

    1. If i change the Option to “Site accessible to Everyone” it works fine. But then the Users can access the other sites that i dont want them to access too.

    2. If I add the Post (for example “Hello World”) to the List of excluded Pages you can access the Post too. But i don´t want to add every Post i make in the future to this list. That would be a pretty looong list…

    My Goal:
    How can visitors (= not Logged In Users) access my Posts? At the same time i want to limit the access to some pages.

    I uploaded three Screenshots that you can see my settings:

    Screenshot 1:
    “Hello World” is added to the “List of excluded Pages”, you can access it. “Blogging” for example is not accessible.

    Screenshot 2:
    Settings to access the Homepage and Categories. I don´t think that is the problem.

    Screenshot 3:
    Here is the strange thing. Here i can choose if Visitors can see Posts, Events and other things. But i didn´t set any option here. Everything should be accessible to Visitors.

    Thanks a lot for your help!

    Seesi | Phillip

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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    No one who has the problem too or has a solution? :/

    Otherwise i have to uninstall the Plugin. That would be a pity, its really good!

    Seesi | Phillip

    Thread Starter Seesi | Phillip


    So i found a solution for the problem.

    I just uninstalled the plugin
    I am honest. I have never seen a bad support like this before.

    Really sad, it is a good plugin. But there are others too.

    Seesi | Phillip

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