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  • Hello there.

    I’m currently trying to make a webpage work after it for some reason stopped working. The problem is that all of the subpages links stopped working. I’ve spoken to the person who has the webpage, who tells me that they used to work, but earlier today he checked it and they didn’t anymore.

    The webpage I’m working on is:

    and the theme he’s using is

    If you look at the theme exampe and go to Page Template >> portfolios >> Portfolio medium you can see how should work

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  • You’ve modified the theme so the hyper-links are no longer present around your post previews.

    I doubt that’s the problem I already tried reinstalling the theme.

    Yeah I can see it’s the problem by looking at the source my friend:

    <div class="et_pt_portfolio_item">
    																			<h2 class="et_pt_portfolio_title">Saga úr sveitinni “Icelandic”</h2>
    																		<div class="et_pt_portfolio_entry">
    										<div class="et_pt_portfolio_image">
    											<img src="úr-sveitinni-pricture-100081_260x170.jpg" alt="Saga úr sveitinni “Icelandic”" height="170" width="260">											<span class="et_pt_portfolio_overlay"></span>
    											<a class="et_portfolio_zoom_icon fancybox" title="Saga úr sveitinni “Icelandic”" rel="portfolio" href="úr-sveitinni-pricture.jpg">Zoom in</a>
    											<a class="et_portfolio_more_icon" href="">Read more</a>
    										</div> <!-- end .et_pt_portfolio_image -->
    									</div> <!-- end .et_pt_portfolio_entry -->
    																			<p>Fyrir nokkrum vikum fæddust litlir kettlingar í sveitinni.  Ég var að leika mér úti á...</p>

    Ok. What do I write to make it link to the right post?

    In the template file for that particular page you need to wrap:

    <div class="et_pt_portfolio_item">CONRTENT BLAH BLAH</div>

    In a a tag example:

    <a href="<?php echo get_permalink( '' ); ?>"><div class="et_pt_portfolio_item">CONRTENT BLAH BLAH</div></a>

    That’s only an example you will ahve to look in the template file to discover what that should be.

    Thanks for the help. Those two small buttons on the images in the example page still don’t work though…

    Yeah if you look at your CSS for page_templates.css line 87
    .et_portfolio_more_icon, .et_portfolio_zoom_icon { display: block; height: 37px; position: absolute; top: 68px; width: 37px; text-indent: -9999px; display: none; }

    you need to change display:none !

    Because it’s saying not to show them…

    Thanks. I’ll be looking at it tomorrow in the morning. Not sure why it should have changed considering that it used to work just fine…. I didn’t set it up initially though

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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