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  • Hi,

    Using worpress 2.0.2. I wanted to create a static page that displays my weblog’s entries and can’t figure out how to manage that.

    I’ve looked through the archive and the creating a static front page. I finally managed that php is executed on the static page with exec-php-plugin but if I try to insert the mini loop I get the fatal error: Call to a member function on a non-object in /[…]/wp-content/plugins/exec-php.php(45) : eval()’d code on line 6

    anyone any ideas on how to display the weblog entries on a static page?

    thanks in advance.

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  • What do you mean by displaying the weblog entries on a static page? Weblog entries are regularly updated, so that would make the page not be static, right?

    ok, sorry for not making my point clearer. I want my weblog entries not to appear on the front page. My site should consist of different pages. e.g. ‘home’, ‘about’, ‘contact’, ‘news’ etc. On one of these pages, here ‘news’, I would like to have the normal weblog entries to be displayed.

    Try my static page plugin. After activating it, set the “blog directory” to “news” under Options > Home-Page Control, and you should be all set.

    hehe, I just wanted to write to you about it.
    I still don’t get it though.

    I installed wordpress in let’s say in the directory ‘site’ is are all the main php-files i.e. wp-config.php, index.php etc.
    then I created several pages. one of them is ‘news’.

    using your plugin, what do I have to put on the page ‘news’ to call the normal weblog entries? I don’t understand your ‘create a sub-directory’-section. what files should I put into that subdirectory? I’m sorry for my clumsiness. I’m very grateful for your help.

    ok, sorry, now it works. thanks for the help anyway.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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