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    We have now for 4 months a website.
    The last few days we get a lot of messages of other websites as command on ore articles.
    It looks likes there is a other website running cross ore website.

    Has anyone experiences with this, and knows anyone a solution.

    thanks for the help!

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  • messages of other websites as command on ore articles

    Do you mean ‘comments’? If so turn comments off for these posts and delete the bad comments. See:

    This could also occur if your site has been compromised…check your site at Securi – based on the information provided, this is a best guess.

    Thanks for the reaction.

    What i mean is: it appears as a reaction to an article on one of our article. and it are sometimes complete conversations of people about some article from some website .. I do not know .. It is very strange. And when I see the language they use I also do not wane contact people who write like this on there E-mail ….. 😉

    These are comments, you need to read and understand my links above to both moderate comments and to delete the ones already live on site.

    It is not the problem to moderate, and delete them … we already took care of this, but the problem is, we get We get hundreds of them, in ore mailbox, and have a day job to moderate, and delete them.

    Close comments on articles over certain number of days is my suggestion:

    Admin Dashboard>Settings>Discussion>Other comment settings>check the box at: “Automatically close comments on articles older than” and enter number of days (small number is best to stop spam on older posts)

    and add the following to your comment blacklist:

    other bad words

    which makes any comment with such words go to comment spam.

    There are also many anti-spam plugins (but they do not purport to, and in my experience, do not catch all spam comments)

    Top Thanks for your information I will ed them directly

    Glad to help…please mark this post as resolved if so.

    thanks will do so.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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