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    I have been looking for a plug-in paginator for my blog for a few months now. I installed the 2nd plug-in yesterday after I luckily found one online through this forum. It is called WP-PageNavi. This forum is one of the greatest resources around if you have a WordPress blog. I had the first one installed for a couple months but it did the same thing that this one is doing, so there must be something wrong in the code of my blog. Either that or I am wondering if it could be something wrong with my All in One SEO Pack.

    I have been researching it and had read the forum for a few hours yesterday but only ended up even more frustrated than I had started out. Don’t get me wrong, this is an awesome place to get information and help but after reading about everything to do with WordPress blogs, I left the computer with information overload.

    I have made 35 posts in the last few months and am going to start making one or 2 posts every day so I will end up with a lot of posts for readers to flip through. I installed the WP-PageNavi plug-in and any information about this plug-in is here:

    If you’d like to see how it is supposed to look, take a look here:

    For some reason my blog will only show the last post but the paginator will only list page 1 of 2 and has the boxes for page 1 and page 2 and it does not go up to post or page 35. I would like the plug-in to work for all of my posts so that my readers can flip through the posts easily as they are reading. I have been thinking that maybe there is something wrong in my code and the only other thing I can think of is that there is something wrong with another plug-in I have named All in One SEO Pack. I am sure most of you are familiar with the latter one.

    Under Settings, in my administration panel, I went to the Reading section and I have it set so that my front page displays my latest posts. For “Blog pages show at most” – I have 25 typed in the box. For “Syndication feeds show the most recent” – I have 1 items typed in the box. For each article in a feed, I have it checked to show full text. And lastly, for “Encoding for pages and feeds” – I have UTF-8 typed into the box.

    If you’d like to see how my blog is displaying the plug-in, my blog is located here:

    I am sure there is something wrong with my All in One SEO Pack plug-in because when I go to Google and type in just my website: I see some entries and the search listing starts out all messed up like this: %year%|%monthnum%|%day%|%postname% I bet that has been really hurting my website in the Search Engine listings.

    A while ago I did the same search and there must have been over a dozen of them started out with that crazy bunch of symbols and words but I cannot figure out what could be wrong. I have been meaning to make a separate post about that but I just wanted to mention that in case it is causing this problem. I think what may have started my problems with the All in One SEO Pack is that I had found a better plug-in that did the same thing. So I deactivated the All in One and activated the one that I found that was supposed to be so much better and that is when I found my problem in the paragraph above with Google. So I then switched it around and put it back the way I had it by reactivating the All in One SEO Pack and deactivating the other.

    While writing this post and thinking about this, I am wondering if there is a setting I’m missing that should display all of my posts under the “Home” category? I have 4 other categories at the top that either some of the posts or all of the posts are listed under by title because I check mark them in the category section when I make the post but there is not a box to check for “Home”.

    To clarify it a little bit, I wouldn’t want them to just list the title though, as I would like to have all my posts under the “Home” section but on different pages in full text. I hope that makes sense.
    I know this post is quite long but I like to have everything in here in case somebody knows what to do. I know that I can get long winded sometimes so I apologize in advance for the long read.

    I appreciate any help or suggestions that any of you might have.



    I won’t list all my settings in the All in One SEO Pack plugin but these look like the ones that would be making the problem possibly:

    I have the tick marked in the boxes for these two:

    Canonical URLs:
    Rewrite Titles:

    Post Title Format: %year%|%monthnum%|%day%|%postname%
    Page Title Format: %page_title% | %blog_title%
    Category Title Format: %category_title% | %blog_title%
    Archive Title Format: %date% | %blog_title%
    Tag Title Format: %tag% | %blog_title%
    Search Title Format: %search% | %blog_title%
    Description Format: %description%
    404 Title Format: Nothing found for %request_words%
    Paged Format: – Part %page%

    The rest of the boxes that are underneath this section are all checked as well.

    I read up on this plugin and visited several sites that talked about configuration for it so as far as I knew I had it configured correctly. It’s always possible I got the wrong information or could have just misunderstood it… Probably wouldn’t be the first time 🙂

    Thanks again.

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